Impact Resistant Heavy Duty Casters (540kg)

Load Capacity: ≤540kg
Installation Method: Top Plate
Installation Size: (76-92)x(67-76)mm
Top Plate Size: 114x102x6mm
Bolt Hole Size: 11.2mm
Load Height: 239mm
Wheel Diameter: φ200xW51mm
Wheel Material: Moldon PU+AL Core
Bracket Type: Swivel/Rigid
Bracket Material: Metal

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Wheel DiameterTread WidthLoad CapacityWheel MaterialBracket TypeInstallation TypeInstallation SizeOverall Height
φ150mm51mm500kgMoldon PU+AL CoreSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm191mm
φ150mm51mm500kgMoldon PU+AL CoreSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm189mm
φ200mm51mm540kgMoldon PU+AL CoreSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm241mm
φ200mm51mm540kgMoldon PU+AL CoreSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm239mm

Quality Assurance before Shipment

carson casters test

Loading & Packing for Shipment

FAQs You Might Request Before Order

Q1: Can I get the caster wheel samples from you?
A: We would be honoured to offer you caster samples, but it doesn’t have to be free.

Q2: How do I place an order?
A: Please contact us via “Add to Quote” above or direct email and let us know your requirements, then we will provide a complete official quotation for you to decide, doing business with us is very easy.

Q3: What is your MOQ?
A: Small orders can be accepted if we have stock. MOQ for different types is different.

Q4: What about your lead time?
A: Usually, for samples and regular products, the delivery time is about 3-7 business days, mass production time needs 20-30 days. It is up to the quantity and stocking.

Q5: Is it OK to print my logo on casters?
A: Sure.
Option 1 – Build the molds and fixtures upon your sample or technical drawings.
Option 2 – Add your logo on the fork or wheel.
Option 3 – Pack the casters in your branded carton.

Q6: How can I trust the quality of your casters?
A: We tell you that we have a variety of international quality certificates, we have a very strict quality control system, and we do a series of caster tests before shipping. Right, you still have no idea about our quality. Therefore, no hesitation! Just place a trial order from Carson. You will not only trust the quality of casters, but also trust the character of Carson people since then.

Q7: Can you provide other casters besides the products on the website?
A: The caster products featured on our website are the main products we promote, but not all of them. We will regularly update the displayed products, if you have special needs, you can also contact us.


Impact-resistant heavy-duty casters are designed to withstand heavy loads, frequent impacts, and rugged terrains. These types of casters are commonly used in industrial, commercial, and institutional settings, where heavy loads need to be transported frequently.

Some of the features of impact-resistant heavy-duty casters include:

  1. Load Capacity: These casters have a high load capacity and can carry heavy loads with ease. The load capacity is determined by the size and material of the caster.
  2. Wheel Material: The wheels of impact-resistant heavy-duty casters are typically made from materials such as polyurethane, rubber, or steel. These materials offer excellent durability and can withstand impacts, abrasions, and heavy loads.
  3. Bearing Type: Impact-resistant heavy-duty casters typically use ball bearings, roller bearings, or tapered bearings to reduce friction and improve mobility.
  4. Mounting Options: These casters can be mounted in a variety of ways, including top plate, bolt hole, or stem mount. This allows for flexibility in installation and use.
  5. Brake Options: Impact-resistant heavy-duty casters may include a variety of braking options, including wheel brakes, total locks, and directional locks. This enhances the caster’s safety and stability, especially in challenging environments.
  6. Swivel Options: These casters typically have a 360-degree swivel range to improve maneuverability and provide ease of movement in tight spaces.
  7. Corrosion Resistance: Many impact-resistant heavy-duty casters are designed with a protective coating or plating to resist corrosion and rust caused by exposure to harsh environments.
  8. Noise Reduction: Some impact-resistant heavy-duty casters are designed to reduce noise, making them ideal for use in quiet environments.


Impact-resistant heavy-duty casters are widely used in a variety of applications where heavy loads need to be transported frequently. Here are some common applications for these types of casters:

  1. Manufacturing and Industrial Applications: These casters are commonly used in manufacturing facilities and industrial settings, where heavy machinery and equipment need to be moved around the facility. They are used for transporting heavy loads such as steel plates, machine parts, and raw materials.
  2. Aerospace and Aviation Applications: Impact-resistant heavy-duty casters are often used in aerospace and aviation applications for moving aircraft components and parts. They are ideal for moving heavy loads while maintaining precision and safety.
  3. Automotive Applications: These casters are commonly used in automotive manufacturing plants for transporting car parts and components. They are also used in auto repair shops and warehouses for moving heavy auto parts and equipment.
  4. Food Service and Hospitality Applications: Impact-resistant heavy-duty casters are commonly used in food service and hospitality settings for transporting heavy equipment such as ovens, grills, and refrigerators. They are also used for transporting carts, tables, and other equipment.
  5. Medical and Healthcare Applications: These casters are used in medical and healthcare settings for transporting heavy medical equipment such as hospital beds, surgical tables, and diagnostic machines. They are designed to be easily maneuverable while still providing stability and safety.
  6. Military and Defense Applications: Impact-resistant heavy-duty casters are commonly used in military and defense applications for moving heavy equipment such as ammunition, supplies, and military vehicles. They are designed to withstand rugged terrain and harsh environments.