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Get A Quick Quote for Industrial Caster Wheels

Are you looking for a reliable industrial caster wheels supplier? Or do you just want to learn more about it? If so, please visit our website. We have years of experience in the industry and can provide you with a competitive price within 1-3 business hours. Plus, we will send you all the information needed to make your purchase, including shipping costs from China to your destination. Whether ordering 10 units or 1000 units, we can help create a turnkey pricing solution that is tailored to your needs.

What Regular Industrial Casters Do We Supply?

Features and Applications of Industrial Castors

Industrial casters are mainly used in factories, mechanical equipment or transportation equipment, etc. We choose single wheels made of high-grade imported reinforced nylon (PA6), super polyurethane and rubber. The overall product has high impact resistance and strength.
The metal parts of the bracket are made of high-quality steel plates and treated with galvanized or chrome-plated anti-corrosion treatment, and precision ball bearings are installed inside by means of integral injection molding. Customers can choose 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm steel plates as caster brackets.

Performance and Characteristics

1. The caster bracket produced by high-pressure punching machine is punched and formed at one time, which is suitable for short-distance transportation of goods with a carrying capacity of 200-500kg.

2. Casters of various materials and widths can be selected according to the different use environments of customers.

3. Generally speaking, industrial casters can be used in various industries such as factories, workshops, commerce, machinery and equipment and catering.

4. Different caster products can be designed according to the environmental bearing capacity required by customers.

5. There are two types of industrial ball bearings and industrial roller bearings.

Why Import Industrial Castor Wheels from Carson?

The export of casters from China has increased significantly in the past few years and will continue to rise; starting in 2017, it was 42.6%, and in 2020 it will reach 48.6%. Chinese casters are among the most commonly used products in the market. Some countries even import all the casters they require.

Which countries export Castors of base metal? (2017)

Which countries export Castors of base metal? (2020)

High-Quality Products

Contrary to popular belief, Chinese products are of really high quality. You have probably heard or maybe even believe that Chinese products are of poor quality. Well, this is not true. Have you ever asked yourself why Apple manufactures its products in China? It surely can’t be because Chinese products are low quality. Apple saw something special in the Chinese manufacturing industry that is why they switched to manufacturing in China. China has the infrastructure to efficiently produce high-quality products.

Mass Production

This is one of the reasons why most people opt to import goods from China across the globe. The fact that the Chinese manufacture goods in large quantities makes the goods a lot cheaper. This is perfect for businesses since it makes the acquisition of products very cheap and the profits quite high.

Accessible Materials

Manufacturing materials are easily accessible in China and at a low cost. This makes manufacturing costs low therefore minimizing the cost of products. For this reason, China becomes the best place to import products from. They have state of the art technology and machines to manufacture the best quality products.

Why Procurement Industrial Wheels from Carson Castors?

Many of our customers from all over the world (such as Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, the UK, Australia and the UAE) only purchased casters locally before meeting us. As far as I know, the most important reason is that they think the price of importing casters locally or from other places may be more expensive, because their purchase quantity is not large, and later we changed their minds with facts. And then they all became long-term customers.

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Flexible Order Quantity

Support sample orders, and no matter it is a bulk order or a small order, even if it is 10 units, we can also check the turnkey price for you, so that you can compare it with your local purchase.

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Quick for Quote

Based on our decades of caster experience, leading ultimate service, in 1-3 business hours you will get your required wholesale price and information, including all shipping costs from China to your destination

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Quality is Guaranteed

The factory has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system standard and has strict incoming inspection, production inspection process and third-party quality certification.

How to Start Working With Us? Starting with Your First Request!

It’s easy to work with us and find out how you can get it from the process below!
If you choose from the product list on our website, please go directly to the following steps. If you need other styles, please send us an email.


Request A Quote

You can request a quote from our product page, or you can email us directly.


Get A Quote

You will get the full product specifications we send and a quote including all shipping costs.


Formal Quotation

Once you confirm the price we will send the official quotation, it will not be changed during the price validity period.

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Confirm the Order

It is also supported that you confirm the final purchase and request an official stamped proforma invoice/contract.

Ample Inventory and Flexible MOQ Support from Carson

Most of the regular industrial casters styles are in our catalog with ample stock of materials, which is why we promise fast delivery in 3-7 days.
At the same time, we also work for end users/retail customers, such as heavy casters replacement for manufacturing equipment, office and furniture casters replacement and industrial casters replacement for factories, etc. We can always recommend suitable styles and flexible MOQ for your casters, saving most time and cost for your casters procurement.

Carson Castors Ample Inventory of Materials

carson warehouse_2
Carson Warehouse
carson warehouse_3
Materials of Casters
carson warehouse_4
carson warehouse_1
Shelf of Materials

Casters are Assembled of Materials According to Your Requirements

carson production line_6
Assembling Steel Bead
carson production line_8
Assembling Bearing
carson production line_7
Assembling Brackets
carson production line_3
Assembling Casters

How Can We Customize Industrial Caster Wheels for You?

If you have industrial castors product in use and do not want our regular style, you can also request our customized service, but it will take longer than our regular style, and there may be additional costs, please follow the following process.

quotation for casters customization
Quotation from Carson
drawing for casters customization
Drawing from Carson

Caster pictures or links you request

Please provide any pictures and links or any information you have about the custom product and we will check and let you know the feasibility.


We provide the drawings

Once its feasibility has been confirmed, our engineering team will make drawings for you according to the requirements and send them to you for inspection.


Check quotation

Our Supply chain department will calculate all costs for you regarding customized casters and you will get a full reference quotation.


Confirm the quotation

We will proceed with the order after confirming the quotation. Don't hesitate to start this operation to make it easier.

How will Your Order be Manufactured and Packaged by Carson?

Your industrial castor orders manufactured and processed from Carson, will undergo strict quality control, material testing, and pre-shipment testing.

Part of Carson's Production Line

carson production line_1
Production in Workshop
Production by Machine
carson production line_6
Assembling Steel Bead
carson production line_8
Assembling Bearing
carson production line_5
CNC Production
carson production line_7
Assembling Brackets
carson production line_3
Assembling Casters
carson production line_4
Pack Casters

Quality Testing Before Loading

testing casters_2
Load Walking Test
testing casters_1
Salt Spray Test
testing casters_3
Impact Resistance Test
testing casters_4
High Temperature Resistance Test

Packing and Loading by Carson Castors

carson packing_1
Carton Inner Packing
carson packing_2
Iron Frame Outer Packing
carson casters loading_1
Ready for Loading
carson casters loading_2
Under Loading

How Will Carson Ship Your Castors Order?

We support most of the transportation terms based on our logistics supply system, common transportation terms such as EXW based on your designated freight forwarder, FOB, CIF by sea, and DDU, DDP by Express Air or Rail to your destination, etc.

shipping casters by carson
Shipping Casters from Carson

Shipping Castors by Express

You can choose EXW, DDU and DDP shipping terms to get your order via DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and Airline.

shipping by air_carson

Shipping Caster Wheels by Air

Please provide your designated airport Once you wish to transport by air (airport to airport), you will also need to transport yourself from your airport to your destination.

shipping by train_carson

Shipping Casters by Train

Rail transportation is mainly aimed at European countries. It is more economical than express and air transportation, and faster than sea transportation.

shipping by sea_carson

Shipping Castor Wheels by Sea

It is your best choice when you have a heavy order and are not very urgent about shipping time, relatively speaking it is the most economical once you order more than at least one 20 ft container.

What Payment Terms do We Offer for Your Castors Order?

Normally, we only accept Bank Transfers/Wire Transfers to our company bank account, Western Union, PayPal, Alipay and Cash payments. L/C is only for customers we are familiar with and credit customers we are working with.

bank transfer to carson
western union to carson
Paypal pay to carson
crash pay to carson
wechat pay to carson
wire transfer to carson

Bank Transfer (T/T)

Bank transfer is open to all regular order customers and we will provide the company bank account number on our contract

credit payment to carson

Letter of Credit (L/C)

To become our credit customer, we will open the Sinosure guarantee for L/C orders. To provide two-way protection for our cooperation.

FAQs About Industrial Casters

1. What are the materials of industrial casters?

The materials of industrial casters are generally nylon (PA), polypropylene (PP), and polyurethane (PU).

2. What are the brackets for industrial casters?

High-quality steel plates are selected and treated by electroplating, electrophoresis, oil spraying, powder spraying, and ironing to prevent surface rust.

3. What are the common classifications of industrial casters?

Industrial casters are divided into general casters, anti-static casters, silent casters, shock-absorbing casters, medical casters, AGV casters, RGV casters, stainless steel casters, high-temperature casters, foot master casters, leveling wheels, etc.

4. How to choose the right industrial casters?

There are many different factors that determine the choice of industrial casters and the key is appropriate for your application, and here are a few of the most important considerations.

1) Carrying Capacity
The weight of the carrying capacity and the size of the wheel also affect the rotation of the industrial caster. The ball bearing is suitable for heavier bearing requirements of more than 180kg.
2) Use Site Conditions
Choose the appropriate wheel material according to the actual working conditions of the caster. For use on rough ground, rubber or polyurethane casters should be used with wear-resistant and elastic properties, or some working environments require anti-static, shock-absorbing and mute.
3) Special Environment
Casters of different materials are suitable for different working environments, and it is necessary to choose suitable casters according to their actual needs to adapt to special environments. For example, traditional rubber is not resistant to acid oils and chemicals, if you want to apply it in different special environments, please consult us for advice.
4) Rotational Flexibility
The larger the wheel, the more effortless it is to rotate. The ball bearing can bear heavier loads, and the rotation is flexible but the load is lighter.
5) Temperature Limit
The severe cold and high-temperature working environment have a great influence on the caster, so it needs to be selected according to the actual use environment. For example, the polyurethane wheel can rotate flexibly at a low temperature of -45°C, and the high-temperature wheel can rotate easily at a high temperature of 270°C.

5. How to maintain industrial casters after use?
After the casters are purchased and used normally, regular maintenance can prolong the service lifespan of the casters. It is recommended to carry out inspections from the following three points:

  • If the casters are loose or the wheels are stuck and cause serious wear, it is necessary to carry out maintenance inspections, especially to check the tightness of the bolts and the amount of lubricating oil. Replacing the damaged casters can enhance the rolling performance and rotation flexibility of the equipment.
  • Check whether the wheel bearing is damaged. If the parts are not damaged, you can reassemble and continue to use them. If you often encounter the phenomenon that the wheel is entangled by sundries, it is recommended to install an anti-winding cover to avoid it.
  • After inspecting the repaired wheel, make sure the bolts and nuts are tight and use loose washers or locknuts on all bolts if possible. If the nut is loose, tighten it immediately. If the wheel installed in the bracket is loose, it will cause the wheel to be damaged or not turn, and shorten the service lifespan of the wheel.

If you are looking for a suitable industrial caster manufacturer or supplier, please feel free to contact us, we are glad to help you.

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