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Features and Applications of Different Types of Wheels:

Nylon Wheel
The white nylon wheel is a polyamide plastic resin with high mechanical strength, good toughness and high tensile and compressive. Nylon is a polymer material with high hardness, which can reach the strength of metal materials. For shock and vibration absorption, the impact strength is higher than that of ordinary plastics. Finished nylon wheels are usually milky white or light yellow in color.

How to Identify Nylon Wheels?
You can test its hardness by hitting it with a hammer. If the wheel you bought is hard enough, it is a nylon wheel, and if it is soft, it is a plastic wheel.

White nylon wheels have high strength and have the advantages of wear resistance, shock resistance and corrosion resistance. They are widely used in electronic appliances, automobiles, rail transit, the military industry, aerospace, home decoration and other fields.

Polyurethane Iron Core Wheel
The surface material of the yellow polyurethane iron core wheel is high-strength polyurethane raw material (PU), which is cast and formed. The core hole is equipped with special roller bearing, and the bearing adopts international standards. The yellow iron core polyurethane wheel has the advantages of good appearance and elasticity, the iron core and the rubber surface are closely combined.

Polyurethane iron core wheels are mainly used in trolleys, flatbed trucks, tool carts, mobile work platforms, large equipment mobile devices, industrial production workshop automation equipment production lines and assembly lines.

Performa Rubber Wheels TPR Wheels
TPR refers to thermoplastic rubber material. This kind of wheel is made of thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber as the base material, and then adds resin, filler, plasticizer and other additives. This rubber is very wear-resistant and has good hardness. At the same time, it has good anti-skid and shock absorption effects, but the tensile strength is not as good as that of vulcanized rubber.

Superman rubber wheel is a new type of environmentally friendly soft rubber material, non-toxic, halogen-free and phthalate-free. Superman rubber wheel has good mute effect, also known as mute wheel. High abrasion resistance, no damage to the floor. Suitable for indoor use, with good mute effect and no wheel marks on the ground.

Features of Performa Rubber Wheels:
High shape memory performance, the wheels are not easily deformed when the equipment is under load for a long time.
Quiet operation with no noise disturbance. Weather-resistant and corrosion free. Can be used in a variety of harsh and extreme outdoor environments.
Excellent abrasion resistance, comparable to polyurethane wheels. The strong chemical structure of the tread ensures the flexible operation and rotation of the equipment.
Strong puncture resistance, can be used with metal chips, iron nails, gravel and other ground.
Resistant to most chemical solvents such as acids, alkalis, alcohol and water vapor.
The adhesion of the Performa rubber tread to the wheel core is very strong and can pass the life test of the American ICM standard caster.
The operating temperature range is -50-125℃.

Applications of Performa Rubber Wheels:
It is widely installed on all kinds of silent tool carts and all kinds of equipment that need to consider ergonomics. Its application areas include factories, hospitals, schools, hotels, food, storage, supermarkets, etc. In addition, it can be used in various harsh and extreme environments indoors and outdoors, such as the presence of chemical media, metal chips on the ground, nails, gravel or irregular ground. The functional Performa rubber wheels can also be used in electronic, antibacterial and other environments.

Polyurethane Wheel PU Wheel
Polyurethane wheels are widely used in industrial automation equipment. Carson can meet specific requirements and hardness in different working conditions. The products use high-tech polyurethane materials independently developed and designed by our company, imported raw materials, and independent research and development formulas. They have excellent properties such as high resilience, good dynamic properties and impact resistance, high abrasion resistance, low internal heat generation and good high-temperature resistance.

Thermo Wheel
Thermo wheel is also known as high temperature wheel. Thermo wheel is molded with special engineering plastics, with high strength and high temperature resistance of 250°C and 280°C. Compared with other manufacturers, our advantage is that it can achieve high temperature resistance and strong impact resistance at the same time. Thermo wheel is one of our current advantageous products.

Thermo wheel common size:
Common thermo casters on the market range from 1 inch to 10 inches. Common sizes are 2 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches, 3.5 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches.

Selecting suitable thermo wheel requires attention to the following conditions:
Carrying capacity.
Use environment.
Impact resistance requirements. Anti-collision and quiet driving.
Various special climates. Such as humidity, high temperature or severe cold.
The work environment contains chemicals. Such as blood, grease, oil, salt and other substances.

Heat-resistant wheels vary in model and tire surface. But the principle of maintaining the wheels is the same. High temperature-resistant wheels should be lubricated regularly. The wheels and movable bearings can be used for a long time. Apply grease to the friction parts of the shaft. Seals and roller bearings can reduce friction and make the rotation more flexible. Generally, lubrication should be carried out every six months.

Thermo wheel is used in equipment in high-temperature places, such as ovens, tempering plants, the food industry, the medical industry, ceramics factories, etc.

What Factors Should be Considered When Choosing Wheels?

Select the wheel material: first consider the size of the road surface, obstacles, residual substances on the use site (such as iron filings, grease), environmental conditions (such as high temperature, normal temperature or low temperature) and the weight that the wheels can carry. conditions to determine the selection of suitable wheel material. For example, rubber wheels are not resistant to acid, grease and chemicals, while super polyurethane wheels, high-strength polyurethane wheels, nylon wheels, steel wheels and high-temperature wheels are suitable for different special environments.

Calculate the load capacity: In order to be able to calculate the load capacity required by various casters, it is necessary to know the self-weight of the transport equipment, the maximum load and the number of wheels and casters used. The load capacity required for a single wheel or caster is calculated as follows:


T = required load bearing weight of single wheel or caster

E = self-weight of transport equipment

Z = maximum load

M = number of wheels and casters used

N=safety factor (about 1.3-1.5)

Determine the size of the wheel diameter. Usually, the larger the wheel diameter, the easier it is to push, the greater the load capacity, and the better the ability to protect the ground from damage. The selection of wheel diameter should first consider the weight of the load and the starting thrust of the truck under the load.

Choice of hard and soft wheel material

usually the wheels include nylon wheels, super polyurethane wheels, high-strength polyurethane wheels, high-strength synthetic rubber wheels, iron wheels, and inflatable wheels. Super polyurethane wheels and high-strength polyurethane wheels can meet your handling requirements whether they are running on indoor or outdoor ground; high-strength synthetic rubber wheels can be used in hotels, medical equipment, floors, wooden floors, tile floors, etc. It is required to drive on the ground with low noise and quiet when walking; nylon wheels and iron wheels are suitable for places with uneven ground or iron filings and other substances on the ground; while pump wheels are suitable for occasions with light load and soft and uneven road surface.

Rotation flexibility:

The larger the single wheel, the more labor-saving it is to rotate. The roller bearing can carry heavier loads, and the resistance is greater when rotating. High-quality (bearing steel) ball bearings are installed on the single wheel, which can carry heavier loads, rotate more easily, and be flexible and quiet.

Temperature condition:

Severe cold and high temperatures have a great impact on the caster. The polyurethane wheel rotates flexibly and freely at a low temperature of minus 45 °C, and the high-temperature wheel rotates easily at a high temperature of 275 °C.

In addition, 3 points determine a plane, when the number of casters used is 4, the load capacity should be calculated as 3.

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