Double Wheels Forged Steel Heavy Duty Casters (60000KGs)

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Min. Order Quantity: 4 PCS
Customization: Available
Port: All over China
Origin: Made in China
Lead Time: 5-15 business days
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Wheel DimensionLoad CapacityInstallation SizeTop Plate SizeBolt Hole SizeBracket TypeWheel MaterialBracket Material
2*φ300xW76mm60000kg160x136mm242x190x20mm20*14mmSwivelForged SteelQ235 Steel

heavy duty casters 27_2


Forged steel heavy duty casters have several key features that make them a durable and reliable choice for industrial applications. These features include:

  1. High load capacity: Forged steel casters are designed to handle heavy loads, typically ranging from several hundred to several thousand pounds.
  2. Durability: Forged steel is a strong and resilient material that can withstand the wear and tear of industrial environments, such as rough terrain or high temperatures.
  3. Corrosion resistance: Many forged steel casters are coated or plated with materials that protect against rust and other forms of corrosion, making them suitable for use in wet or humid environments.
  4. Swivel action: Heavy duty casters often feature a swivel action that allows for easy maneuverability, even in tight spaces.
  5. Locking mechanisms: Many heavy duty casters have locking mechanisms that can be engaged to keep the caster from rolling, providing added stability and safety.
  6. Bearing type: Forged steel casters often feature ball bearings or roller bearings, which provide smooth and easy movement.


Forged steel heavy duty casters are commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications where heavy loads need to be moved with ease. Some common applications include:

  1. Manufacturing and distribution: Heavy duty casters are often used in manufacturing and distribution facilities to move heavy equipment, machinery, and materials.
  2. Aerospace and aviation: Forged steel casters are used in the aerospace and aviation industries to move heavy components and equipment, such as engines and aircraft parts.
  3. Automotive: Heavy duty casters are commonly used in automotive plants and repair shops to move cars and other vehicles.
  4. Construction and mining: Forged steel casters are used in construction and mining applications to move heavy equipment and materials around job sites.
  5. Medical and laboratory: Heavy duty casters are often used in medical and laboratory environments to move heavy equipment and supplies, such as medical imaging machines and laboratory equipment.
  6. Entertainment and event production: Heavy duty casters are used in the entertainment and event production industries to move stage equipment, lighting, and sound systems.