Black Nylon Heavy Duty Casters (600-2450KGs)

Wholesale Price: Negotiable
Order Sample: Available
Min. Order Quantity: 4 PCS
Customization: Available
Port: All over China
Origin: Made in China
Lead Time: 5-15 business days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal

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Wheel DimensionLoad CapacityInstallation SizeTop Plate SizeBolt Hole SizeBracket TypeWheel MaterialBracket Material
φ100mmxW51mm600kg(78-92)x(67-76)mm114x102x6mmφ11.2mmSwivel/RigidCasting NylonMetal
φ125mmxW51mm650kg(78-92)x(67-76)mm114x102x6mmφ11.2mmSwivel/RigidCasting NylonMetal
φ150mmxW51mm700kg(78-92)x(67-76)mm114x102x6mmφ11.2mmSwivel/RigidCasting NylonMetal
φ200mmxW51mm750kg(78-92)x(67-76)mm114x102x6mmφ11.2mmSwivel/RigidCasting NylonMetal
φ150mmxW51mm600kg(125-133)x(62-86)mm159x114x6.5mmφ14.2mmSwivel/RigidCasting NylonMetal
φ200mmxW51mm650kg(125-133)x(62-86)mm159x114x6.5mmφ14.2mmSwivel/RigidCasting NylonMetal
φ150mmxW76mm1350kg(133-156)x(86-105)mm184x140x9.5mmφ14.2mmSwivel/RigidCasting NylonMetal
φ200mmxW76mm1750kg(133-156)x(86-105)mm184x140x9.5mmφ14.2mmSwivel/RigidCasting NylonMetal
φ250mmxW76mm2100kg(133-156)x(86-105)mm184x140x9.5mmφ14.2mmSwivel/RigidCasting NylonMetal
φ300mmxW76mm2450kg(133-156)x(86-105)mm184x140x9.5mmφ14.2mmSwivel/RigidCasting NylonMetal


Nylon heavy-duty casters typically have several features that make them suitable for heavy-duty applications. These features may include:

  1. Load Capacity: Nylon heavy-duty casters are designed to carry heavy loads, typically ranging from 600 to 3000 lbs per caster.
  2. Durability: Nylon is a strong and durable material, making these casters ideal for heavy-duty applications that require a long lifespan.
  3. Non-Marking: Nylon casters are non-marking, which means they won’t leave marks or scuffs on floors.
  4. Chemical Resistance: Nylon is resistant to many chemicals, including oil, grease, and solvents, making it a good choice for environments where these substances are present.
  5. Corrosion Resistance: Nylon is also resistant to corrosion, making these casters ideal for use in environments where moisture or other corrosive substances are present.
  6. Quiet Operation: Nylon casters operate quietly, which can be important in applications where noise is a concern.
  7. Swivel Locks: Some nylon heavy-duty casters come with swivel locks, which allow the caster to be locked in place to prevent movement.
  8. Brake Options: Nylon heavy-duty casters are available with a variety of brake options, including total lock, side lock, and directional lock, to provide additional control and stability.


Nylon heavy-duty casters have a wide range of applications across various industries, thanks to their high load capacity, durability, and resistance to harsh environments. Some common applications of nylon heavy-duty casters include:

  1. Material handling: Nylon casters are commonly used in material handling applications, such as dollies, carts, and racks that carry heavy loads.
  2. Automotive: Nylon heavy-duty casters are used in automotive manufacturing and maintenance, where they can support the weight of vehicles or heavy machinery.
  3. Aerospace: Nylon casters are also used in the aerospace industry, where they can be used to move large and heavy components.
  4. Food service: Nylon casters are often used in food service applications because they are non-marking and can withstand exposure to chemicals used for cleaning.
  5. Medical: Nylon casters are used in medical equipment and hospital beds because they are durable, resistant to corrosion and chemicals, and can withstand frequent use.
  6. Industrial: Nylon casters are commonly used in industrial applications, such as conveyor systems, assembly lines, and manufacturing equipment.
  7. Retail: Nylon casters are used in retail settings, such as in-store displays, carts, and racks.

These are just a few examples of the many applications of reinforced heavy duty casters. These casters are designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications and provide reliable, long-lasting performance.