Forged Steel Heavy Duty Casters (1250-2150KGs)

Wholesale Price: Negotiable
Order Sample: Available
Min. Order Quantity: 4 PCS
Customization: Available
Port: All over China
Origin: Made in China
Lead Time: 5-15 business days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal

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Wheel DimensionLoad CapacityInstallation SizeTop Plate SizeBolt Hole SizeBracket TypeWheel MaterialBracket Material
φ150mmxW64mm1250kg156x105mm184x140x9.5mmφ14.2mmSwivel/RigidForged SteelMetal
φ200mmxW76mm1550kg156x105mm184x140x9.5mmφ14.2mmSwivel/RigidForged SteelMetal
φ250mmxW76mm1850kg156x105mm184x140x9.5mmφ14.2mmSwivel/RigidForged SteelMetal
φ300mmxW76mm2150kg156x105mm184x140x9.5mmφ14.2mmSwivel/RigidForged SteelMetal


Forged steel heavy duty casters have several features that make them ideal for use in demanding applications. Here are some of their key features:

  1. Strong and Durable: Forged steel casters are made from high-quality steel that is forged under high pressure and heat. This process creates a strong, durable caster that can withstand heavy loads and rough terrain.
  2. Load Capacity: These casters are designed to support heavy loads and can typically handle weights ranging from several hundred to several thousand pounds.
  3. Versatility: Forged steel casters can be used in a variety of applications, including industrial settings, automotive plants, aerospace facilities, and more.
  4. Precision and Consistency: These casters are designed with precision and consistency in mind, ensuring that they perform reliably over time.
  5. Corrosion Resistance: Forged steel casters are typically treated with a corrosion-resistant coating, which helps to protect them from rust and other forms of corrosion.
  6. Quiet Operation: These casters are designed to operate quietly, with minimal noise and vibration, which makes them ideal for use in sensitive environments.
  7. Easy to Maintain: Forged steel casters are relatively easy to maintain, with simple lubrication and occasional cleaning required to keep them in good condition.


Forged steel heavy duty casters are ideal for use in a wide range of applications that require strong and durable casters. Here are some common applications of these casters:

  1. Industrial Settings: Forged steel casters are frequently used in industrial settings, such as manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses, where heavy loads and rough terrain are common.
  2. Aerospace Facilities: These casters are also popular in aerospace facilities, where they are used to transport heavy equipment and machinery.
  3. Automotive Plants: Forged steel casters are commonly used in automotive plants, where they are used to move vehicles and heavy components around the factory floor.
  4. Heavy-Duty Equipment: These casters are frequently used on heavy-duty equipment, such as construction machinery, mining equipment, and agricultural equipment.
  5. Material Handling: Forged steel casters are used in material handling applications, such as carts, dollies, and pallet jacks, where they provide stability and support for heavy loads.
  6. Medical Equipment: These casters are also used in medical equipment, such as hospital beds and medical carts, where they need to be strong and reliable to support heavy equipment and patients.
  7. Marine Applications: Forged steel casters are also used in marine applications, such as on ships and offshore platforms, where they need to be resistant to corrosion and able to withstand the harsh marine environment.