Conductive Heavy Duty Casters (304kg)

Load Capacity: ≤304kg
Installation Method: Top Plate
Installation Size: (76-92)x(67-76)mm
Top Plate Size: 114x102x6mm
Bolt Hole Size: 11.2mm
Load Height: 241mm
Wheel Diameter: φ200xW51mm
Wheel Material: Conductive TPR
Bracket Type: Swivel/Rigid
Bracket Material: Metal

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Wheel DiameterTread WidthLoad CapacityWheel MaterialBracket TypeInstallation TypeInstallation SizeOverall Height
φ75mm32mm90kgConductive TPRSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm105mm
φ90mm32mm114kgConductive TPRSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm119mm
φ100mm32mm136kgConductive TPRSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm130mm
φ125mm32mm136kgConductive TPRSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm157mm
φ100mm51mm180kgConductive TPRSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm143mm
φ125mm51mm180kgConductive TPRSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm165mm
φ150mm51mm270kgConductive TPRSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm191mm
φ200mm51mm304kgConductive TPRSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm241mm


Conductive heavy-duty casters are specially designed casters that offer a number of features, including:

  1. Conductivity: These casters are designed to provide a low resistance path to ground, which helps to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) from damaging sensitive electronic equipment.
  2. Durability: Heavy-duty casters are designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions, such as exposure to chemicals and high temperatures.
  3. Load capacity: Conductive heavy-duty casters are designed to carry heavy loads and distribute weight evenly, ensuring stability and safety during transportation.
  4. Maneuverability: These casters are designed to provide easy and smooth movement, making it easy to move heavy equipment and materials.
  5. Braking system: Conductive heavy-duty casters come with a reliable braking system that ensures stability and safety during transportation and parking.
  6. Noise reduction: These casters are designed to reduce noise during movement, ensuring a quiet and safe work environment.
  7. Corrosion resistance: Conductive heavy-duty casters are designed to resist corrosion, rust, and other forms of damage, ensuring long-lasting use and durability.


Conductive heavy-duty casters have a wide range of applications in industries where electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a concern and heavy loads need to be transported. Some common applications of conductive heavy-duty casters include:

  1. Electronics manufacturing: Conductive casters are commonly used in electronic manufacturing facilities where sensitive electronic equipment needs to be transported without risk of ESD.
  2. Aerospace: Conductive heavy-duty casters are used in aerospace facilities where large and heavy components need to be moved, often in cleanroom environments.
  3. Medical: Medical facilities use conductive casters to transport sensitive medical equipment and materials, such as surgical instruments and medication.
  4. Automotive: Conductive casters are used in automotive manufacturing plants where heavy parts need to be transported safely and without risk of ESD.
  5. Chemical and pharmaceutical: Conductive heavy-duty casters are used in chemical and pharmaceutical facilities where hazardous materials need to be transported safely and without risk of ESD.
  6. Food processing: Conductive casters are used in food processing facilities where hygiene is a concern, as they are designed to resist corrosion and rust.