Impact Resistant Heavy Duty Casters (450kg)

Load Capacity: ≤450kg
Installation Method: Top Plate
Installation Size: (76-92)x(67-76)mm
Top Plate Size: 114x102x6mm
Bolt Hole Size: 11.2mm
Load Height: 239mm
Wheel Diameter: φ200xW51mm
Wheel Material: Modified Nylon
Bracket Type: Swivel/Rigid
Bracket Material: Metal

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Wheel DiameterTread WidthLoad CapacityWheel MaterialBracket TypeInstallation TypeInstallation SizeOverall Height
φ100mm51mm295kgModified NylonSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm143mm
φ125mm51mm375kgModified NylonSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm165mm
φ150mm51mm450kgModified NylonSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm189mm
φ200mm51mm450kgModified NylonSwivel/RigidTop Plate(76-92)x(67-76)mm239mm


Impact resistant heavy duty casters are designed to provide durability and reliability in demanding environments, where equipment is subjected to heavy loads and rough handling. Some of the key features of impact resistant heavy duty casters are:

  1. Heavy Duty Construction: Impact resistant casters are made of high-quality materials like steel, stainless steel, and premium-grade plastics. These materials are selected for their strength, toughness, and ability to withstand shock and impact.
  2. Load Capacity: Impact resistant casters are designed to carry heavy loads, with load capacities ranging from 500 lbs to 5,000 lbs per caster. They are commonly used in applications such as industrial machinery, carts, and racks.
  3. Shock Absorption: Impact resistant casters are equipped with shock-absorbing components that reduce vibrations and impacts during transportation, which helps to protect the equipment and reduce the risk of damage.
  4. Swivel Lock: Swivel locks are a common feature in impact resistant casters, which allow the caster to be locked in place when the equipment is stationary, providing greater stability and safety.
  5. Wheel Options: Impact resistant casters are available with a range of wheel options, including polyurethane, rubber, and metal, which are selected for their durability, traction, and ability to absorb shock and impact.
  6. Corrosion Resistance: Many impact resistant casters are designed to resist corrosion, which is important in environments where exposure to chemicals or moisture may occur.
  7. Easy Installation: Impact resistant casters are typically easy to install, with mounting options that include top plate, stem, and bolt hole configurations.


Impact resistant heavy duty casters are used in a variety of applications where equipment needs to be transported in a safe and efficient manner. Some common applications include:

  1. Industrial Equipment: Impact resistant heavy duty casters are used in industrial equipment such as machinery, conveyors, and carts that need to be moved frequently for maintenance, cleaning, or repositioning.
  2. Material Handling: Impact resistant casters are used in material handling applications such as dollies, pallet jacks, and hand trucks, where the equipment needs to be moved around in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.
  3. Automotive Industry: Impact resistant casters are used in the automotive industry for transporting heavy automotive parts and equipment within factories and warehouses.
  4. Aerospace Industry: In the aerospace industry, impact resistant casters are used for transporting heavy aircraft parts and equipment around the manufacturing and maintenance facilities.
  5. Medical Equipment: Impact resistant casters are used in medical equipment such as hospital beds, medical carts, and surgical tables, where the equipment needs to be moved frequently in a safe and secure manner.
  6. Food and Beverage Industry: Impact resistant casters are used in food and beverage production facilities where carts and other equipment need to be moved around on a regular basis, sometimes in wet or harsh environments.